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This week we will be featuring guest posts from a few Sweetbottoms moms on the topic of ‘Baby’s First Christmas.’ It’s a major milestone for many, marked by special ornaments and embroidered t-shirts. While we want to make these milestones special, we also want to keep them low-stress and fun so that we can actually enjoy the moment! This post by Mandi will share some simple Christmas Crafting tips to help start a holiday tradition.

Mandi is our Assistant Business Manager and she’s been working in our store here in Raleigh since nearly the beginning. She can explain everything from diapering to babywearing and she has some handy ideas for crafting with small children, too.


One of my favorite Christmas traditions from when I was little was making a yearly Christmas ornament for our tree. Most of mine from my childhood are at my mother’s house decorating her tree. I enjoy visiting her and looking back at the things I made throughout the years. For my daughter’s first Christmas, I knew this was a tradition I wanted to start for her. Even though she was only 3 months old, we made an adorable little angel ornament from her footprints that I know I will cherish for many years to come. Crafting with a 3-month old is not always the easiest thing to do, so I’ll give you a few tips from my own experience!

1. Foot prints are much easier than handprints for little babies!
2. Tape your paper to a large book. That way you can leave your baby in one spot (high chair, Bumbo, someone’s arms, etc) and just press the paper to her foot rather than trying to press her foot down on the paper.
3. Get way more footprints than you think you need. Grandparents and other loved ones will cherish these sweet crafts!
4. Don’t forget to add the year and your child’s name!

My daughter is now 3 and she is quite the crafter! So far this year she’s made Christmas trees, snowflakes, and snowmen using paint, popsicle sticks, paper, scissors, glitter and more! I love to see her taking pride in the decorations she makes and finding “her” ornaments from years past. What a fun way to make wonderful Christmas memories!

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Do you do any Christmas Crafting? Share your link, your advice, or your story in the comments below.


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