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All you clever ladies guessed it: We have an Ergo Giveaway this month! But it’s not just an Ergo alone– we also have a child’s size doll carrier to go with it. Enter to win now and read on to learn more about the fantastic Ergo Baby Carriers (they are my personal favorite, so there might be some gushing, be warned).

10 Reasons Why I Love Ergo


1. It’s comfortable… even for a long outing. I have a pretty messed up back and also suffer from chronic pain. Though I’ve tried several carriers that are comfortable, this one is the only one I can wear for several hours. Of course, carriers fit everyone differently so you’ll have to stop in the shop to see which one is best for you. For me (bad back and long torso) this one is awesome.

2. Nurse anytime, anywhere, hands-free. My son breastfed until 22 months. He loved the Ergo for nursing. In fact, he would get it out of my bag and bring it to me as his way of telling me he was ready to nurse to sleep. My daughter is just a little too small to nurse in it right now. She can manage sometimes, but usually it’s not the right angle for her small mouth. I can’t wait till she gets the hang of it!


3. It’s easy to hide my baby from the paparazzi. Ok maybe not. But babies can hide under the hood from other things like bright light, loud noises, drizzle, and germs. I can pretend about the paps, can’t I?

4. That little elastic loop. This little safety feature makes me feel more confident when I wear my Ergo. If something were to unexpectedly go wrong with the buckle, my baby wouldn’t tumble to the ground. I know it works because one time I put my Ergo on in a rush and forgot to snap the buckle. I only noticed a few minutes later when it felt loose while he was still riding cozy.

5. The infant insert makes rides safe for the teeniest of the teeny. The infant insert helps to hold newborns in the correct position when riding in the Ergo. In the first few weeks, you can nestle them inside it and when they get a little bigger you just take out the pillow part to give them a boost. This is how I use it with my 3 month-old daughter now.

 doll carrier

6. The matching doll carrier is simply adorable. Really, I don’t have words for how cute these are. I sent an Ergo to my best friend from high school who just had her second baby. I also sent along the doll carrier for her two-and-a-half year old. Look at that proud big sister!

ergo options

7. Seriously stylish options for Mama (or Daddy!). I am one of those people who likes to coordinate my carrier with my clothes. If I had the cash, I’d have like 10 so I’d always look put together. Ergo has some gorgeous prints as well as solids. There are also options for those who prefer organic cotton or the sportier materials.

every mother counts

8. The Every Mother Counts Collection not only beautiful looking, it also gives back. Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization founded by Christy Turlington. It was created after the former model had a Post Partum Hemorrhage. She received excellent treatment here in the United States, but began to think about the women who didn’t have access to health care. For them, the same condition could mean death. So she began working on the issue of maternal health around the world. It’s really a fantastic organization and an issue that I think is near to most mothers’ hearts. Read more here. Yeah, I think I’m going to have to order that Umba Print Ergo.

9. Correct body positioning. It’s so important to be sure that babies are properly supported. Since many of their joints aren’t stabilized yet, we want to keep them in the optimal position for their hips and neck. Babies worn properly are in a natural position that will help them grow correctly. Read more about hip dysplasia in infants here.


10. It’s automatic nap time. When my son would fall asleep in his Ergo, I’d wait until he was passed out. Really, like snoring. And then I’d gently lay him down and unfasten the buckles of the Ergo. This is how he would finish his nap. (Look at that hip positioning!)

Don’t forget to enter to win your very own Ergo. And tell me why you already love them in the comments below!

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