Life Through Photos | Simple Father’s Day Gift

Life Through Photos | Simple Father’s Day Gift

Handprint and Footprint Art


I was trying to come up with something cute and special to make for my husband for Father’s Day. I normally have the kids just draw a bunch of squiggles on a blank piece or paper for his birthday so I wanted to do a little something different. I saw this idea floating around – there are so many animals and object you can create using the hand and foot print of your kids! So we got started.

I used this time to help teach my oldest a little about mixing colors. We wanted to make Sully and Mike from Monster’s Inc. We had an array of colors but not the right colors. So we got to mixing. He has a great time watching the light blue become more true blue and the green become more lime.

It was difficult to do the handprint. Because you have to paint the whole hand minus one finger (either the middle or the ring finger). I then held that finger back so that it doesn’t get any paint on it. It took me a few tries to get a decent print.

The foot was easy!


Raleigh Family Photography - Fathers Day Handprint Art 1


I wrote out ‘Happy Father’s Day’ in pencil first so that I could be sure it was even and centered. I then traced it over with a permeant marker. This gift can be given whenever – birthday, valentines day, retirement etc! So write whatever you would like!


Raleigh Family Photography - Fathers Day Handprint Art 2


Then once it was dry I got to work adding all the details. Our paintbrush selection was sparse so I made due with a few other tools – some of the smaller details I used toothpicks and q-tips for a couple others.

We gave it to him this morning and he loves it – and he can’t wait to get it up on his wall at work! The boys really enjoyed putting together these two characters since they are some of their favorite from the movie! You can frame it if you would like too!


Raleigh Family Photography - Fathers Day Handprint Art 3

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