Mom’s Pick: Action Baby Carrier


At Sweetbottoms, we love our Action Baby Carriers. I think most of us have one!

Available in Classic and Toddler, these buckle-closure soft structured carriers have a trim design with fun prints. The Classic carrier fits babes from 8 to 40 lbs while the larger Toddler carrier is recommended for 15 to 45 lbs. They have great features like a sleeping hood and toy strap. You can wear it backpack style or crisscross the straps depending on your comfort.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we started stocking the ABC so of course I had to get one. I tried it for the first time last weekend at the mall and loved it! I have the Classic Carrier in Nova and wore it in the front position with the straps crisscrossed. My infant is about 9 lbs and she was very cozy and comfortable. She even nursed in it!

Jul 24, 2013

Mandi, our Assistant Business Manager, has a Toddler Carrier in Seaside that she uses for her almost three-year-old. (She’s rocking it at the zoo in the photo above!)

“[My toddler] still loves to be carried, so with the ABC I can carry her but also have my hands free,” Mandi said. “She will even take a nap on my back still at this age, but not as often as when she was younger. Most of the time she’s down and running around, but there are days, like if she’s not feeling well or she’s extra tired, that she just wants me to hold her. On days like that, I can just strap her to my back in the ABC and we’re both happier. Plus, she’s much too heavy to hold in my arms comfortably for any period of time. How do moms do that?”

Like most babywearers, Mandi has used other carriers, but likes the Toddler ABC because of its unique size.

“I used an Ergo for 2 years and loved it! Amelia started getting too long for it though. She could lean back and throw my balance off which was becoming uncomfortable and annoying. Also, she didn’t have a knee to knee seat anymore. The ABC Toddler has a taller back and wider seat, so it covers her to her shoulders and to her knees. It’s just more comfortable for both of us now that she’s taller.”

Charity works in Retail and can often be spotted stocking merchandise or helping customers with her nearly one-year-old daughter on her back. She uses her Toddler ABC in Canyon everywhere.

“Having a carrier is important for me simply because she loves to be carried and I need something compact and easy to use, since I carry her a lot!” Charity said. “I used a harness carrier with her when she was smaller, but that got to be too much of a strain on my back. Plus, after about 20 minutes, she was fighting to get out of it. With the ABC, I have back-carried her since 7 months and she has loved it from the start. I have carried her for 5+ hours before and have been comfortable the whole time.”

She notes that the simple design makes it so easy to use.

“What makes the ABC unique is it’s simplicity. It has three buckles and is super easy to put on with no help. Front carry is no problem, given that you cross the straps in the back. Back carry is easy as well (with practice) since the design is very minimal.”

Action Baby Carriers was started by Angela Alexander. The mom-owned company started as many do– out of her home. She made a few as gifts for friends and then started selling them through an online babywearing forum. Seven years later, they have a small factory in Michigan where all the carriers are made, packaged and stored until they are shipped to retailers and customers.

One of my favorite things about this company is that they allow employees to bring their children to work. Many hang out in their mama’s ABC, I’d imagine! I’m fortunate to work at Sweetbottoms where children are also welcome so I really appreciate how important that can be for moms who want to work but can’t afford childcare. We love supporting small businesses, don’t you?


Have you tried an ABC? We’ve recently restocked all their fun prints. So stop in and check them out!

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