November Giveaway: Hape Quadrilla

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We’re so excited to start this month’s Giveaway: A Hape Quadrilla! The Quadrilla Marble Runs are the perfect toy for your budding engineer. The wooden blocks, spiraling funnels, curved rails and sloping accelerators can be arranged in a variety of ways to speed the marbles down. It’s truly a creative and open-ended toy that will inspire experimentation and sharpen design skills. It’s recommended for ages 4 and up, though the younger ones will enjoy watching the speeding marbles. And the older kids (ahem, parents) will have fun too.

My son’s older friend has one and he really enjoyed putting the marble in the top and watching it go. This toy actually reminds me of a mini version of a ball-rolling installation at our local museum. How fun would it be to have a Kid’s Museum in your play room?

Awesome, right?

We really do love our Hape Toys here at Sweetbottoms. Right now we are eagerly awaiting a huge shipment from Hape. We’ll be stocking up on toys for everyone from infants to elementary school age (and beyond!)

Qubes Alphabet Block Puzzle Fantasia Castle Fantasia Train Hape Toys Mini Block and Roll Wooden Rattles Pita Set Animals Memory Game Wooden Vehicles Hape under the tree!

Not only do Hape’s toys inspire creativity, but the company is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Read more about Hape in this post.

Now don’t forget to enter to win your Hape Quadrilla! The contest ends on 11/18 at Midnight PST.



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