Piggy Paint Nail Polish

Piggy Paint

To be honest, there aren’t many products that we carry at Sweetbottoms that I haven’t tried– but one was Piggy Paint Nail Polish, which I finally got today! When I was younger, I was totally a nail polish gal. I almost always had paint on my fingers and toes and loved all the bold colors that became trendy in the late 90s.

But as a mom to a busy toddler, I just stopped having the time for little details like polish. It also bothered me how toxic the stuff was! I hate how it stinks up the whole room and it really worries me when my little one is sucking and biting on my hands.

With Piggy Paint, I don’t have to worry. The water-based paint has virtually no smell at all. Even the remover is stink-free! I tried it in the middle of the living room and nobody passed out from the fumes. I love all their fun shades, too. Isn’t this one great for Spring?

Piggy Paint

Since I’m 7 months pregnant and trying to give my aching legs a rest, I decided to paint my nails this afternoon. I’ll admit I was worried that it would be runny or thin, but the polish went on just like any other kind. It set in a couple of minutes. (If you’re applying to a more impatient child, try a blow dryer to quicken the process.)

This shade is called Fairy Fabulous. I did two quick coats and it gave me a nice, vibrant color. Matches my dress, too– score!

Piggy Paint

Here’s a comparison of Piggy Paint versus regular polish. As you can see the regular brands will eat through this styrofoam plate. That can’t be good for your nails.

Piggy Paint

Piggy Paints have cute gift sets and fun nail art, too. Their regular line has every color in the rainbow–including sparkles and glitter– and the Refined line has more traditional shades.

Do you like to paint your nails? Have you tried Piggy Paints on yourself or your little ones?

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