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We’ve had Skip Hop diaper bags at Sweetbottoms for a few months now. I’ll confess: I never bought a diaper bag when my son was born. I thought it was a waste and most importantly I didn’t want an ugly, clunky bag to drag around. Well I ended up carrying around a giant tote bag that I had to rifle through to find what I needed. With just one, cavernous space to stuff my baby stuff, it was completely impractical. When I first saw the Skip Hop bags, I immediately started drooling over the cute prints. I’m a sucker for prints. You should see my cloth diaper stash…

Aside from aesthetics, I now saw the utility of having a pocket for everything. These bags are loaded with pockets–zippered, magnetic, and open. But the thing that really got me was how great it attached to my stroller. The shoulder strap detaches and each side has a small loop that neatly clips around my stroller handle. When it’s attached, I can quickly access everything I need.


Here’s a quick comparison. (If you click the links, you can get more specific details.)

*Duo This slim and trim bag holds more than you’d think. With 11 pockets, there’s plenty of room for a cloth diapering mama. There are solid colored bags available and prints by Jonathan Adler, which also have a contrasting zipper pouch and changing pad.

*Versa Slightly larger than the Duo, this bag has the distinct style of a purse. The middle zipper opens up to expand or condense the volume of the bag. This would be ideal for longer days out versus a quick trip when you wouldn’t want to take a big bag.

*Studio Available in three colors, the dotted print has the look of a purse. It’s the next largest in size with 14 pockets and can actually fit most laptops in the center compartment. It also comes with a changing pad.

*Duo Double If you use a side-by-side double stroller, this one’s for you. It’s similar to the style of the regular Duo, just bigger. With 16 pockets, you should have plenty of space for the needs of multiple little ones. It can also be carried as a messenger bag or on the shoulder in addition to the stroller attachment.

Here’s mine!

I, of course, loved how the green in the pattern complemented my kiwi green stroller. I usually don’t take much, so I opted for the smallest bag. But I can easily fit 2-3 cloth diapers, a change of clothes, small diaper rash cream, wipes, wet bag, sippy cup, snacks, my wallet, keys, and cell phone. The magnetic closures on this bag are at the top and on the front two pockets so nothing is going to fall out. (It made it through the X-ray scanner at the airport without dumping anything on the belt!) At the top are two small zippered pockets. I usually use one for my wallet and the other for snacks. Inside are two open pockets I use for wipes and a spare onesie. The changing pad has it’s own outer pocket on the other side. I just love having a place for everything and feel so much less frazzled when going out.

Stop by the store and see which one you like!

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