Slings for Summer

Maybe you’re curious about babywearing or maybe you already own more carriers than you care to admit– either way you will love these Dolcino Coversion Slings for summer. Today I’m happy to introduce a fun new feature called “Mom’s Pick,” where we will spotlight different products that Moms love. Through this monthly feature, we hope you’ll discover some great, new products that will make your life just a little easier! These slings are a perfect way to get started.

Summer Slings

Sweetbottoms had these ring slings custom-made out of Dolcino Woven Wraps. We chose the Dolcino because of its amazing fabric. It’s 100% organic cotton that’s woven both lengthwise and crosswise. The weaving technique creates a supportive, dynamic hold that won’t become loose and sag like stretchy fabrics can. They come in 14 beautiful colors–created with non-toxic dye–and named for different islands.

Two of our own SBB Moms, Rachel and Raquel, use the Dolcino Conversion Slings with their little ones. They both started babywearing when their infants were still tiny and have tried different carriers and holds as their needs have changed. They were both attracted to the Dolcino slings because of the beautiful fabric.

Rachel uses the sling with her 11 month old son while at work pulling online orders. She also uses an Action Baby Carrier, but likes to have different options for different situations.

“I prefer the sling when we’re going for walks,” she said. “I can make sure his head is shaded–it’s almost impossible to get his hat back on when he’s on my back without swinging him to the front first–and he can see the same things I see and look at my face.  When he’s on my front he sees me and what we’ve just passed, and on my back he doesn’t quite see over my shoulder and doesn’t see me at all, so the hip carry is nice in that respect.”

Raquel, who works in retail, also likes to use the hip carry so her 13 month old daughter can look out and see everything. She uses the tail to give her daughter some shade and privacy while nursing. She likes that it’s cooler and more breathable than her structured carriers.

“I’ll be in New York City for a week in August,” Raquel said. “It will be hot, but I still want to carry Anaïs when she gets tired — I assume she’ll be walking a bit by then! I also wanted something that could easily fit in my tiny diaper bag.”

Of course comfort is a top priority for babywearers. Rachel loves how the overlapping-knife pleat keeps the fabric from digging into her shoulder.

“It’s simple to use,” Rachel said. “I’d especially recommend it for mothers who aren’t comfortable back carrying a child without the assistance of a chair or bed or another person. You can do this by yourself and with the hip carry your child is always within reach.”

Why not stop in and chat with us about your babywearing needs? Try on a luxurious Dolcino sling and fall in love!



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