The Funnies

The Funnies section of the weekly newspaper was always such a delight as a kid. Each Friday I’ll be posting a few of the things that gave me the giggles this week. Because, you know, we need a good laugh when we can get it. Feel free to share more links in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

(If you’re local, we have Babywearing International of the Triangle meetup is at the store at 10 AM on Saturday. Also the Thirsties sale is going on and tons of toys and other gifts are on sale so don’t miss out!)


Liz Climo  is an animator for The Simpsons (what would it be like to have that job?) and has a hilarious Tumblr filled with darling yet wry animal humor. She’s a mom, too, so she gets it.

Have you seen the Coke Argentina commercial yet? My favorite part is the mystery goo on his record. I’ve totally dealt with mystery goo.


I think I’ve see Nathan Ripperger’s illustrations of “Thinks I’ve said to my Children” a while ago, but now that I have an almost 3 year-old, they make me laugh more. Let’s see, what did I tell him yesterday at the grocery store? Oh yeah: “Sweetie, screaming isn’t going to make this go any faster.”

And in case you’ve never seen Crappy Pictures, this is my gift to you. Read all about her adventures with cloth diapers and see where you rate on the Mohs scale of Crunchy Mamas. Enjoy.



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