Toddler Food Ideas

My toddler is going through a picky-eater phase (tell me it’s just a phase!) so I’m always on the lookout for ways to make eating more fun. Since we are on-the-go most days of the week, I usually need a way to transport his food and of course I love products that reduce waste. Here are a few food ideas for your baby, toddler or preschooler!


1. Chef’s Apron Set A great way to get your child interested in food is to allow them to help prepare it! This little apron is perfect for your little one—whether they are pretending to be a chef in playtime or standing next to you in the kitchen. I also love that it comes in neutral colors and not the stereotypical “pink,” right?

2. Sandwich Bag Planet Wise is known for their fabulous wet bags, but they also make a line of reusable snack and sandwich bags and wraps. They come in a wide variety of patterns that will light up your little one’s lunch bag. I have several and have used them for over a year. They are durable, easy to clean and my son really likes them–it’s a little surprise when he opens the Velcro to see what’s inside.

3. Pita Pocket Hape makes several play kitchen toys including this colorful Pita Pocket with 7 removable ingredients. Other sets include Fresh Fruit, Garden Vegetables, Healthy Basics, Chef’s Choice and Garden Salad. I really appreciate their emphasis on healthy eating. The more that kids encounter these foods, the more apt they will be to eat a balanced diet.

4. The Kids Konserve Waste-Free Lunch Kit is a brand-new item at Sweetbottoms! Just in time for back-to-school, it has everything you need to pack your little one’s lunch. It includes a lunch sack, sandwich wrap (placemat), two stainless steel 8 oz. containers with lids, napkin, and a 13 oz. bottle. You won’t have to waste money on throwaway plastic bags or paper sacks. I’m actually thinking of getting a set for my toddler even though he doesn’t go to school. It would be handy to pack up his lunch when we go for an all-day outing! (A lot of these items are also sold separately, too.)

5. Skip Hop has this fun line of Zoo products in bold, modern designs. Kids can pick out their favorite animal for their utensils, plates, bowls, bibs, lunch bags, or even backpacks. The plates all have two divided sections. And the utensils are perfect for little hands and mouths.

6. These play Fruit and Veggie Bean Bags by Sunny Sprouts are a colorful and fun toy for even the smallest of tots. Made from hand-dyed organic bamboo velour, they are filled with real beans and come in a variety of fruit or vegetable shapes.

Hungry yet? (I’m off to the kitchen for a snack myself!)

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